Date of Award


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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Martin R. Stytz, PhD


With shrinking budgets and fewer personnel, future military training will rely heavily on simulated environments. The goal for this training is to reduce cost while maintaining readiness and unparalleled capability for all levels of military command. This thesis effort, the Synthetic Battle Bridge SBB , provides a real-time simulated environment for military commanders to observe on-going computer simulations of varying participation levels and helps them wring the most from a simulation. The SBB, designed for higher ranking personnel with little time to spend learning how to run the system, must exhibit three capabilities ease-of-use, long-term retention, and adaptability. Based on the ObjectSim framework and the Object Manager network management software, the SBB includes a unique transparent interface with dynamic display elements that ensures minimal intrusion. The SBB provides multiple views and direct attachment to simulation players, along with an information grid showing the distribution of forces within the current environment.

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