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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Patricia Lawlis, PhD


This research designed and implemented a reusable Distributed Interactive Simulation DIS visual simulation architecture for Silicon Graphics platforms. The goal was to research software architecture technologies and to create a design and implementation using these ideas. The architecture was designed using object oriented techniques to provide the ability to customize it via inheritance extension. The resulting design was implemented using C and applied to several DIS visual simulation projects in the Graphics Lab at AFIT. The architecture, named ObjectSim, was successful in its goal of providing a reusable core for the DIS visual simulation projects in the Graphics Lab at AFIT. It provides simulation developers reusable capabilities in the areas of rendering, data display, device interfacing, and DIS network interfacing. The projects designed and implemented with ObjectSim exceeded their research goals. Data on reuse effectiveness and several different performance areas was collected.

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