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Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Martin R. Stytz, PhD


In response to the need for a more realistic, interactive, and immersive space simulation system, the Joint National Intelligence Defense Staff JNIDS has sponsored the development of the Satellite Modeler at the Air Force Institute of Technology AFIT. The Satellite Modeler SM is a virtual environment VE application that allows analyst-users to enter a virtual near- Earth space environment and visualize realistic satellite models performing accurate orbital motion. The Satellite Modeler provides manipulation functions that allow a user to interact with multiple satellite models and satellite constellations. The system affords the user multiple vantage points within the environment to view satellites in orbit. It also functions as a network actor in a distributed simulation environment. The Satellite Modeler achieves accurate physical modeling of satellite motion by using the North American Air Defense NORAD Command SGP4 orbital model and associated orbital elements for satellites currently in orbit. System functionality is realized within an object- oriented framework and accessible through a graphical user interface GUI. This thesis is the second of a three-year effort to create a three dimensional virtual environment for modeling and manipulating satellite objects.

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