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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Paul D. Bailor, PhD


This thesis presents a formalized framework for comparing the structure and semantics of software architectures. The framework uses object diagrams for analyzing the structure of the architectures and the axiomatic approach for analyzing the semantics. This framework is used to compare the Object Connection Update OCU model developed by the Software Engineering Institute against four other software architectures VHDL defined by Lipsett, MetaH defined by Honeywell, microRapide defined by Luckham, and hierarchical software systems as defined by Batory. The goal of the comparison was to evaluate the OCU model for suitability within prototype application composition and generation systems. This research concluded that the OCU model has all the elements necessary for use in application composition and generation systems. Additionally, the framework identified several common elements in all the software architectures. These common elements may lead to the development of a meta-model for software architectures.

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