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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Timothy W. Zens, PhD.


A granular memristive device with the end goal of creating a novel system protection device is introduced in a 1-Dimension array. The electromechanical network will lay the groundwork for future 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional devices for simultaneous protection from intrusion. Off the shelf copper spheres with diameter of 710 ± 11microns were found through nano-indentation measurements to have elastic modulus of 106GPa, and compressive yield strength of 729MPa, these spheres were prepared for test in a 1-Dimensional array device. The arrays response to mechanical perturbations modeled by Hertz contact mechanics can be monitored by simultaneous electrical measurements across the multiple metal-insulator-metal junctions. A shift in the nonlinear IV trace behavior to lower resistance states is the result of increasing compressive forces. Additionally a relation of breakdown to ohmic conduction of the junctions is found to be -7.6 in units of Volts per Newton per Interface for a 15 minute thermally oxidized sample array of 4 spheres. This granular array can be preset and monitored retaining the ability to recognize mechanical or electrical interference. The ability to have multiple electromechanically characterized chains within a 3-Dimensional volume allows for a complex redundancy in the future system protection circuit.

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