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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Glen P. Perram, PhD


High Resolution Fourier Transform Spectroscopy has been conducted for the 79Br2 B3π(0u+) ← X1Σg+ system of 79Br2. A total of 64 vibrational levels, including v"= 0-3 and v' = 10-33, have been observed and assigned. Rotational levels as high as J=76 were observed. A global fitting routine has been developed to fit the rotational spectra to the Dunham Expansion. Using Bv and Dv for both the X and B state, rotational transitions were calculated to within 0. 02 cm-1. The expansions of these terms required five coefficients for the B state and three coefficients for the X state. Attempts to fit the vibrational spectrum to an equation in terms of (v+½) were only accurate to within 0.03 cm-1 when five molecular constants were used on the upper level and three were used on the ground state. However, direct calculation of the vibrational energy levels was able to fit all vibrational bandheads to less than 0.02 cm-1. Recommendations are made for attempting a global fit over many more vibrational bands.

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Plain text title form: High Resolution Fourier Transform Absorption Spectrum of 79Br2 B3 pi(0u+) X1 Sigma g+