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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Jerry Bowman, PhD


A transient, one-dimensional numerical code was developed to model the liquid flow in a non-uniformly heated, axial square groove. The groove was subjected to transient body forces up to approximately 0.51 m/s2 . Axial variation in meniscus levels, shear stress and heat transfer between the groove wall and the liquid, axial conduction through the liquid, evaporation and body forces were accounted for in the model. Dryout and rewet of the groove were allowed; the front location was determined using conservation of mass and linear extrapolation. A physical experiment was performed with a stainless steel plate into which eight square grooves were machined. Ethanol was used as the working liquid. One end of the plate was tilted relative to the other end and this tilt was varied with time, thereby providing the transient body force. The depth of the ethanol in the groove, and the dryout and rewet front locations, were experimentally measured. Within the uncertainty of the measurements, the numerical results from the code predicted the correct movement of liquid within the groove structure and also the correct position of the dryout and rewet fronts.

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