Max R. Massey

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Master of Science

First Advisor

Craig M. Brandt, PhD

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Jannett Bradford, PhD


This study investigated the relation of agreeableness and experience with performance heteroscedasticity in small groups. Personality assessments were administered to 55 US Air Force personnel. The participants were placed in three groups based on the personality dimension of agreeableness. Group 1 consisted of eleven sub-groups of randomly paired individuals ranked high on agreeableness. Group 2 consisted of eleven subgroups of randomly paired individuals ranked low on agreeableness. Members of group 3 worked individually. Bach dyadic group and individual participant completed S load-planning scenarios over a five-day period. The data obtained over the 3 days were used to assess the variability in the subjects' performance. Results showed that the personality dimension of agreeableness and experience are associated with reduced performance heteroscedasticity in small groups. Results also showed that group performance is less variable than individual performance and the performance of groups higher on the dimension of agreeableness is less variable than groups lower on agreeableness.

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Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology.