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Master of Science

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Craig M. Brandt, PhD

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Richard T. Taliaferro, PhD


Japan is an important ally of the United States in part due to its strategic location at the intersection of China, Korea, and the Soviet Union. Japan is vital to the maintenance of regional stability and has been used by the United States in the East Asian balance of power. The relationship changed through time from the American occupation after World War II, to the rebuilding phase of Japan's economy, and finally a progression towards a more independent Japan capable of a larger portion of self defense. The rebuilding process of Japan was carried out largely by the United States and its various programs of security assistance. The United States used security assistance to show support for the United States-Japanese alliance, rebuild Japan's economy, and gain access to Japanese bases for military purposes of regional stabilization. Japan was effective in using United States security assistance to their advantage to achieve their goals. The end result of United States security assistance for the United States was an ally to counter communism, a major trade partner, and a strategic ally which served United States needs in two major conflicts.

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