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Master of Science

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Steven L. Teal, PhD

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William L. Schneider, PhD


The goal of this research was to create a computer-assisted instruction (CAI) prototype tutorial to teach the fundamental principles of integrated, computer-aided manufacturing definition activity modeling (IDEFO), a component of business process reengineering within the Department of Defense. To accomplish this, the authors evaluated current instructional material related to IDEFO, then adapted the material to a computerized learning environment using the Authorware Professional™ authoring software and a hybrid methodology which incorporated elements both of instructional design and software development. One of the most notable characteristics of this hybrid model was a series of iterations at each phase of development, which eliminated the need for retroactive modifications at successive development phases. The objectives for this study were accomplished by completing a literature review, identifying learning objectives and testing strategies, creating a prototype tutorial using authoring software, incorporating a case study, and then operationally testing the prototype. Analysis of this research is limited to a discussion of the results of a qualitative survey provided to evaluators of the prototype. In general, the results of the survey indicated acceptance of CAI as a method of instruction and provided recommendations for improving the tutorial.

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Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology.