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This research was performed for the dual purpose of defining effectiveness as it applies to the field of records management (RM) and studying the impact of Document Librarian (DL) on the productivity of Air Force records managers. The main thrust of the study was to define effectiveness for RM because no standard existed. The definition was generated through a Delphi process with a group of RM experts and took four rounds to achieve acceptable consensus. The Delphi process evaluated major areas which a RM system must perform. DL is a RM software package developed jointly by Air Force Material Command (AFMC) and Wang Laboratories. The impact of DL on the productivity of RM was tested through a customer satisfaction survey. Survey questions focus on reliability, job performance, ease of use, utility, and overall appraisal. The survey revealed that the software is average from a user satisfaction point of view. According to responses received, users had not significantly improved their RM productivity with DL capabilities. Also, DL was not significantly easier to use or learn or even more user-friendly than other software, leaving the product's testers unsure whether DL's usefulness warrants its purchase and wider distribution throughout the Air Force.

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