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Master of Science

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Craig M. Brandt, PhD


Major changes in the geopolitical environment and the social and economic needs of the United States have resulted in resources being shifted away from national defense. Although the expected decrease in defense spending should not be harmful in macroeconomic terms, it can be devastating locally. To mitigate the effects of the drawdown, individual states and local communities must search for ways to bolster their local economies. One avenue that can be pursued to enhance future economic growth is the transferring of technologies to the commercial sector. Intermediary organizations have emerged to facilitate the process of technology transfer by serving as the bridge between technology providers and industrial users. This research investigates and describes how intermediary organizations are assisting and facilitating the technology transfer defense conversion efforts. A case study examines how four Miami Valley organizations in Ohio are helping to promote economic growth and development in their local area via technology transfer.

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Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of The Air Force Institute of Technology