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With ongoing public scrutiny of defense system acquisitions, due to numerous program failures resulting from cost and schedule overruns, now, more than ever, cost and schedule-management competencies are critical to program success. This research examined the schedule-management competencies required of defense program managers. A schedule-management competency model was developed from a foundation of past research. The model was evaluated through a mail survey of 484 intermediate and senior level military program managers assigned to Air Force Materiel Command. The results provided by 243 respondents indicate that 25 of the 28 competencies in the model were valuable to program managers and that they generally rely more on understanding schedule-management concepts than they do on being able to complete the tasks themselves. Data analysis identified differences in the perceived importance and frequency of use based on acquisition phase, primary responsibility, and grade level. The results of this study have direct implications for the development of education and training programs for defense program managers. These programs can be improved by focusing on those competencies found most valuable to experienced program managers.

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