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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Roger C. Burk, PhD


The purpose of this research is to find the best weighting scheme in the SPADOC 4C Sensor Tasking Prototype. This software, known as the Prototype Tasker, assigns a tasking to each sensor of the Space Surveillance Network. A tasking is a list of objects in which the sensor needs to gather positional data, called observations. One of the inputs to the Prototype Tasker is a user-definable weighting scheme. The goal is to find the weighting scheme that produces the most efficient taskings. This problem was solved using a Simulated Annealing algorithm. The values in the weighting scheme were the variables of the problem. The objective function was a measure of the goodness of each tasking produced. The Simulated Annealing algorithm was set to vary the weighting scheme and find the one that produces the tasking with the highest objective function. There were four successful executions of the simulated annealing algorithm. Each one produced a different weighting scheme. However, there were noticeable trends in the relative magnitudes of the weights. Also, it was noticed that a slight decrease in the number of observations on the taskings will increase the expected amount of information gathered by the Space Surveillance Network.

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