Paul J. Helt

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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

First Advisor

Gregory S. Parnell, PhD


The Air Force requires a methodology to assess alternative means for providing integrated space support data, collected from imagery space platforms, to enhance overall theater warfighting capability. This research examines imagery systems supporting the warning, surveillance, and weather missions, alternative concepts to integrate this imagery data, and models their influence on air-to-ground and limited ground-to-air combat in five potential theaters of operation. These theaters were Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Southeast Europe, the Caribbean, and Central America. Influence diagram decision analysis techniques were used to identify and quantify the key variables within the three space-based mission areas effecting air combat planning and execution. The theater warfighter's imagery requirements and air campaign planning theory were examined and linked to identify the affected air combat measures of effectiveness. The results of this research and air combat simulation reveals a significant increase in sortie effectiveness and lethality by incorporating space-based imagery support into theater conflict through acquiring and deploying an integrated space support center. The methodology provided can be tailored to include any number of theaters of conflict and modified to study other military space systems.

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