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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Gregory S. Parnell, PhD


In an effort to quantitatively determine the utility of mission effectiveness of the KC-135, this research used value-focused thinking to measure the impact of replacing the KC-135 navigator with upgraded avionics. A Value Model was developed as a hierarchy with fundamental objectives at the highest level and attributes at the lowest level. Weights were assigned to show the contribution each level had to the one above it. The attributes were given a score and an additive model was used to determine utility with and without a navigator. Break-even analysis and net present value calculations were done to show the costs associated with each alternative. This study reveals that the cockpit with the - navigator has a higher utility than the cockpit with the upgraded avionics. Value-focused thinking identified additional equipment that would increase the utility of the upgraded avionics. This approach can be used to identify equipment alternatives in the future that add the most utility. This methodology can be used by the Air National Guard to determine whether they should keep navigators as part of the KC-135 crew.

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