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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Lee Lehmkuhl, PhD


This thesis describes the development of a methodology to explicitly model corps artillery assets in the Joint Staff's Joint Stochastic Analysis Research (J-STOCHWAR) and to quantify Army doctrine that guides organization of artillery for combat. The methodology incorporates corps artillery into the J-STOCHWAR by using the five fundamentals for organizing for combat, which reflect Army doctrine, and combines them with basic concepts already used in existing theater-level models. Other aspects of the problem include determining the appropriate level of detail, identifying techniques to solve the problem, and verifying the results. The proposed decision analysis solution technique provides a feasible method to maximize the utility of organizing artillery for combat based on an operational posture perception provided by the J-STOCHWAR. The influence diagram algorithm incorporates the effects and weights of the five fundamentals involved in the organization process. The methodology provides accurate input to J-STOCHWAR that approximates real world results.

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