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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Edward F. Mykytka, PhD


This study investigates the application of statistical process control methods to monitoring the performance of a communication network. The methods applied include four different types of control charts. The literature search uncovered only one previous study that used a control chart to monitor a communication network. Using a case study of a communication network, four important issues for proper control chart usage are emphasized. These issues are: proper data collection rate due to autocorrelation, proper subgrouping of the data, ensuring that count data conforms to the assumptions of the binomial probability model before implementing p or np control charts, and viability of using subgroups of aftribute data as measurement data on an x-bar chart. The results indicate that control charts are indeed a viable method for monitoring a communication network's performance over time, especially when the available data on the network is limited.

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