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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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James T. Moore, PhD


The purpose of this research was to design a solution methodology for the Arsenal Exchange Model (AEM) that is faster and contains less precision error than the current one. The current solution methodology modifies some of the original constraints and uses a computationally slow matrix inverter. The improved methodology uses a revised simplex algorithm to first solve a subproblem having only the weapon constraints generated by the AEM. Given this optimal allocation, hedge constraints and target constraints that are violated by the current solution are added to the original subproblem. A dual simplex algorithm is used to find the optimal solution for this new subproblem. By only adding the violated constraints, redundant and identical constraints are not included in any of the subproblems. This eliminates the need to alter the problem as before, and also allows the use of a faster matrix inverter. Additionally, since fewer constraints are used to find the overall optimal solution, fewer computations are necessary. This new methodology was used to solve five test cases. In four of the five test cases, the improved solution methodology produced an optimal integer solution. In all five test cases, it maintained damage expectancy and target coverage, and was better at satisfying the user input goals.

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