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Master of Science in Operations Research


Department of Operational Sciences

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Edward F. Mykytka, PhD


The current tools used by squadron supervisors to monitor the bombing performance of aircrews flying F-111E aircraft are monthly reports that have little predictive capability. No real-time methodology exists for monitoring and predicting aircrew bombing performance and preventing bombing problems that might cause an individual to become unqualified. It has been suggested that Statistical process Control (SPC) can be applied to the bombing process to develop tools for managing the process, correcting problems, and improve the bombing performance of a squadron. This study investigates the application of SPC to the bombing process. It examines data taken from an F-111E Fighter Wing during a sixth-month training period. The goal is to develop a control charting scheme that is both useful to squadron supervisors as well as simple to apply by squadron weapons officers. The results indicate that SPC methodologies can have a significant impact on the bombing process. Control carts generated from the data can give insights to the bombing performance and capabilities of individual aircrews. These insights can lead to improvements in the bombing performance of individuals, as well as in the bombing performance of their squadron as a whole.

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