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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Steven K. Rogers, PhD


A two-dimensional multiplexed array of 256 electrodes (16 x 16) has been fabricated using conventional CMOS fabrication techniques. The size and spacing of the electrodes (160 x 160 µm squares with center-to-center spacing of 250 µm) approximate that of the cortical columns. The device is mounted on a small biocompatible package and a protocol to implant this package on the visual cortex of a ferret and a Rhesus monkey was developed and approved. An instrumentation setup to record the data from the device is described as well as the methods used to demultiplex the data. Testing of the device in a simulated cortical environment indicates that the device is capable of recording signals with amplitudes as low as 20 µV. This capability is significant as the level of the cortical signal ranges from 20-500 µV. An experiment is envisioned in which the primary and secondary visual areas of a mammal are monitored simultaneously in an attempt to gather data while the brain is actually performing perception. This type of study will provide insight to the nature of the organization of the cortico-cortical connectivity matrix and its relation to the function of the cortical column system.

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