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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Victor M. Bright, PhD


The Flexure-Beam Micromirror Device (FBMD) is a phase-only piston style spatial light modulator demonstrating properties which can be used for phase adaptive- corrective optics. This thesis presents a complete study of new designs of FBMDs and other micromirror devices, from original design considerations through final device testing and verification of ideal and advanced models. The models relate the electrical and mechanical properties of the device by equating the electrostatic force of a parallel- plate capacitor with the counteracting spring force of the device's support flexures. For the advanced model of the Flexure-Beam micromirror device, the capacitor solution is derived via the Schwartz-Christoffel transformation such that the final solution accounts for non-ideal electric fields. This model describes the behavior of any Flexure-Beam device, given its geometry and material properties. It includes operational parameters such as drive frequency and temperature, as well as fringing effects, mirror surface deformations, and cross-talk from neighboring devices. Comparisons are made between the ideal and advanced Flexure-Beam micromirror models.

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