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Master of Science


Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Dennis Quinn, PhD


While airborne, military and civilian aircraft must occasionally jettison unburned aviation fuel into the atmosphere. This research investigates the fate of a jettisoned fuel (e.g. JP-4, JP-8, etc.) from initial release to final ground fall by numerically modeling the physical phenomena governing the fate of this fuel: evaporation, advection, and dispersion. Using previous work in evaporation and free fall of fuel droplets as a foundation, this thesis presents an integrated evaporation advection and dispersion model designed to run under the resources of a typical personal computer. This integrated model is capable of using near real-time meteorological data (i.e. vertical profiles of temperature, pressure and wind) in all model calculations. Physical assumptions in the numerical model are presented, along with sample model calculations supporting these assumptions. Model calculations performed for two jettison scenarios show good agreement with previously published results.

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