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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Patricia Lawlis, PhD


Software architectures increase productivity when used as the basis for developing applications in a problem domain. This thesis describes the creation of Easy-Sim, an object-oriented software architecture for visual simulation systems, and its corresponding implementation as an application framework in Ada 9X. The research built upon ObjectSim, an existing object-oriented simulation architecture implemented as a application framework. Both ObjectSim and Easy-Sim operate on Silicon Graphics platforms and use the IRIS Performer graphics programming library. Easy-Sim is implemented using version 1.83 of the GNAT compiler. The investigation for this thesis involved honing ObjectSim's design, implementing the improved result in both C++ and Ada 9X, and developing applications to compare the two versions. The study achieved two main objectives: producing Easy-Sim as an improved visual simulation system architecture by building on ObjectSim's experience, and producing a visual simulation system application from Easy-Sim in Ada 9X that performs at a level comparable to the same application built in C++.

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