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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Henry Potoczny, PhD


The purpose of this thesis was to improve the process of modeling and analyzing ballistic vulnerability data. This was accomplished by addressing two of the more urgent needs of vulnerability analysts; the ability to display fault tree data and to edit target descriptions. A vulnerability data visualization program called VISAGE was modified to meet these needs. VISAGE was originally created to preview static shotline plots and subsequently grew into a full-featured visualization package for vulnerability target descriptions and analyses data. The next logical step in the programs evolution was to include the needed editing and fault tree display capabilities. The editing features were divided into basic and advanced categories. The basic editor allows users to manipulate parts at the lowest level of a target description. The advanced editor allows users to manipulate a target description at its highest levels. The display of fault tree data is a cutting edge feature, since, currently, no other vulnerability package can offer the same capability. The fault tree data is also linked to the target description geometry, so that users can view fault tree data dependencies.

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