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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


This study presented a methodology for determining the general performance characteristics of a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) algorithm on the Intel Paragon. By performing a rigorous time complexity analysis of a parallel CFD algorithm, the general performance could be characterized before the code was actually parallelized. This was shown by implementing a serial version of the 2-D Roe Scheme on the Paragon. This explicit code was parallelized by the addition of generic yet efficient routines that decomposed the domain, automatically adjusted partition indices, and performed 2-D and 3-D buffer exchanges. Additionally, efficient global routines available for the Paragon were used in order to reduce the overall complexity of the parallel implementation. Comparison of the predicted performance and the measured performance showed that for the Roe Scheme, the general performance characteristics on the Intel Paragon could be accurately predicted. While a complexity analysis of the Beam-Warming algorithm was performed, a working parallel implementation on the Paragon was not completed.

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