Paul Woznick

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Master of Science in Astronautical Engineering


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

First Advisor

Curtis Spenny, PhD


The concept of object-based control is extended to the field of teleoperation, specifically to accomplish the task of spacecraft docking via a bilateral manual controller. An object-based controller with bilateral feedback controls the motion of the grasped object, not the trajectory of the manipulator. For this reason it can be designed with feedback that is intricately linked with the task kinematics. The benefits derived from anthropomorphicity and force feedback are possible without kinematically-geometrically similar master-slave systems, complex calibration and joint mapping schemes, or expensive, high degree-of-freedom force reflection. Object-based control is ideal for low-level telerobotic interfaces. A hand controller and a spacecraft docking simulation are designed and constructed to demonstrate object-based bilateral control. The dominant task objective in spacecraft docking is the approach to a target vehicle along a single axis of motion. Several methods of bilateral feedback linked with this dominant objective are proposed in addition to simple force reflection. One method involves virtual forces and another utilizes velocity reflection. Each method, practical only with object-based control, enhance the man-machine interface by providing a heuristic method of control.

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