Amy L. Magnus

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

First Advisor

Steven K. Rogers, PhD


This thesis describes new algorithms to localize regions-of-interests (ROIs) three dimensionally from a pair of digitized mammograms. This work is intended to add a layer of sophistication to computer aided diagnosis by putting to use the fixed and measurable parameters of mammographic imaging. The fixed parameters are the source to film orientation and the podium-image distance. Measurable parameters are the rotation angle of the x-ray tube from the horizontal and the compression depth (the distance from compression paddle to contact podium distance) at the time of imaging. As an additional benefit, three dimensional localization algorithms alleviate the confusion radiologists may have in determining the particular quadrant of a breast lesion identified for further examinations or biopsies. This feasibility investigation located microcalcifications within 10-15 mm and eliminates quadrant ambiguities. Accuracy measures are based on knowing the fixed parameters, source-image distance and podium-image distance, of the mammography imaging system with accuracies of ± 5 mm and ± 2 mm respectively and the adjustable parameters, x-ray tube rotation angle and the compression depth with accuracies of ± 5°, and ± 10 mm respectively.

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