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Master of Science

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Jacob Simons, PhD


THE GOAL SYSTEM™ version 2.2 is the latest in a lineage that includes Optimized Production Technology (OPT) and DISASTER™. Earlier work with DISASTER™ revealed potential shortcomings with sequential schedule building algorithms when multiple interactive constraints exist. Since THE GOAL SYSTEM™ version 2.2 has a capacity for simultaneous schedule building, this study evaluated differences between the two algorithms. Using benchmark scheduling problems developed during the earlier evaluation of DISASTER™, a set of THE GOAL SYSTEM™ solutions was created and compared quantitatively to both DISASTER™ solutions and solutions which optimally minimize maximum tardiness. A broad set of performance measurement criteria were also used to obtain a more comprehensive evaluation of the solutions. Performance of THE GOAL SYSTEM™ was quite good with respect to maximum tardiness. Performance with respect to average flow time, percentage of tardy jobs, and total days late for a set of job orders was markedly poorer than the DISASTER™ solutions. The results were unexpected, since the simultaneous scheduling algorithm is less restricted in its options for schedule creation. The author concluded that the simultaneous feature of THE GOAL SYSTEM™ was better suited for conflict resolution during an iterative process than as a stand alone scheduling algorithm.

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Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology