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Master of Science

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Craig Brandt, PhD


This research describes how Foreign Military Sales follow-on support will be provided for in the future based on changes currently taking place in the Department of Defense, Air Force, and industry today. Information on the current system was gathered through a thorough review of the literature. Interviews were used extensively To determine the future plans of industry. In the Department of Defense, outsourcing and privatization, most notably depot privatization will affect the way that follow-on support is provided in the future. Due in large part to shrinking arms sales, private industry is increasing the emphasis placed on providing follow-on support through commercial contracts as a means of generating income and keeping production lines viable. Third- party companies have emerged as an important entity in the follow-on support field, providing specialized support to the Air Force, private industry, and foreign customers. The Air Force and private industry each have their own advantages and disadvantages in providing follow-on support. The findings conclude that follow-on support will be increasingly provided through Air Force outsourcing and privatized programs, and that private industry is seeking to increase its participation in the follow-on support arena.

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Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology