Lee. R. Kair

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Master of Science

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Caisson Vickery, PhD


This research was performed for the purpose of determining the factors which affect Total Acquisition Lead Time (TALT) for small purchase actions procured in an Operational Contracting Environment. The literature review develops a theoretical model using factors such as socio-economic program, regulatory requirements, alternate means of procurement, buyable purchase requests, customer access to information, funding issues, management information systems, purchase of off-the-shelf items, and accelerated or reduced coordinations. A variety of statistical techniques, including a qualitative regression, Bonferroni Technique, descriptive statistics, and parsing of TALT are used to determine the significance and impact of these factors on TALT. The results of this study indicate that many of these factors, including buyable purchase requests, funding issues, management information system, accelerate or reduced coordinations, and the use of socio-economic programs are significant on TALT. Parsing of TALT is shown so that each step and the corresponding times are shown for each phase in small purchase contracting. A wide sample was used, pulling from 5 different United States Air Force Bases.

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Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology