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Master of Science in Cost Analysis


The purpose of this thesis was to undertake a systematic, scientific study of the accuracy of Air Force published fuel factors to estimate fuel costs at MAJCOM level by mission, design, and series (MDS) since the implementation of the Fuels Automated Management System (FAMS) under the current environment of decentralized aviation fuel (AVFUEL) funding. The research found that, at MAJCOM level, the use of USAF published AVFUEL factors in estimating out-year costs would have overstated costs in both fiscal year (FY) 1994 and FY 1995 by $2.5 M (FY 1994), by $.25 M (FY 1995), and may potentially understate costs by $2.7 M for the current fiscal year (FY 1996). Additionally, the research found that at the MDS level, the use of AVFUEL factors would have greatly understated costs for some aircraft while overstating costs for other aircraft. Since AVFUEL funding is currently decentralized at base level, the use of AVFUEL factors for estimating costs at the MDS level is not recommended for USAFE assigned aircraft.

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Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology