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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Christopher D. Hall, PhD


The primary objective of this study is the creation of a prototype expert system called EXMIS (EXpert MIssile System) that performs the flight termination logic sequence of the Autonomous Onboard Command System (AOCS). The AOCS is a proposed system that would take the "man-in-the-loop" out of the self-destruct decision making process and place the entire decision on the launch vehicle. Through the use of a six degree of freedom trajectory program called BOOST, simulated flight data for four different flight scenarios is obtained. The launch vehicle selected for the simulations is the Peacekeeper ICBM. EXMIS is developed using an expert system shell called CLIPS (C Language Integrated Production System) designed at the NASA/Johnson Space Center. CLIPS is a forward chaining rule-based language that has inferencing and representation capabilities. Once developed, the BOOST simulation data are used to evaluate EXMIS under different scenarios involving nominal, errant, and unstable launch vehicle flight. A recommendation is made for further testing of the prototype EXMIS system and to pursue development of an advanced EXMIS program with the assistance of an expert in the AOCS area.

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