Date of Award


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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

First Advisor

Paul F. Auclair, PhD

Second Advisor

Edward F. Mykytka, PhD


The purpose of this thesis is to address the challenges of validating simulation models, especially those challenges facing military simulation analysts. Three distinct issues are of concern to the military simulation analyst: (1) What type of validation effort do the academic experts recommend? (2) What does the military policy say is necessary for a proper validation effort? (3) What can a simulation practitioner realistically accomplish given time and resource constraints? Four methodologies were chosen to represent the academic perspective on validation. A model of validation methods is integrated from the methodologies of these four simulation validation references. The validation policies of the Army, Navy, and Air Force are examined and analyzed for their methodologies to be applied to simulations. The integrated model is compared to these policies that are being formed within the DoD to determine the relationship between the academic experts and the military policies. Case studies of validation efforts are examined and analyzed for the methodologies used by simulation practitioners. The integrated model is compared to the case studies to examine the relationship between the academic experts and the actual practitioners. Finally, conclusions and observations are drawn from all of these comparisons.

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