Todd E. May

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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

First Advisor

Lee J. Lehmkuhl, PhD


Reparable items play a large role in determining the readiness of United States Air Force weapon systems. Many factors characterizing flying tempo and item repair and transit time influence the level of fleet readiness. Readiness-Based Leveling (RBL) considers these factors as it seeks to maximize aircraft readiness as it allocates spare reparable items between bases and a depot. The purpose of this research was to demonstrate the validity of using response surface methodology (RSM) within the context of RBL in an effort to quantify the influences these factors have on aircraft readiness. RSM applied designed experiments and least squares regressions in developing a series of empirical models quantifying correlations between one uncontrollable and seven controllable factors and RBL's output. Verification tests indicated the empirical models represented -- to a high degree -- the quantitative relationships present between the inputs and output of RBL. Although valid conclusions cannot be made from the models (a substitute input was used in place of a usual D041 input), the methodology as demonstrated is valid.

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