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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Kenneth W. Bauer, Jr., PhD


A new saliency metric and a new saliency screening method are developed. This new metric, the SN saliency metric, is based upon signal-to-noise ratios, where the signal is provided by a sum of squared weights associated with a given feature, and the noise is based upon a sum of squared weights associated with a reference noise feature which is injected into the data. The resultant metric allows for a direct comparison of the feature of interest with a reference noise feature which is known to be nonsalient. The SN saliency screening method, which uses the SN saliency metric, offers the potential of identifying salient features in one saliency screening run and is envisioned as an economical rough screening tool to be used prior to more refined screening efforts or more exhaustive training efforts. During the screening run, features are removed individually based upon their rank as determined by the SN saliency metric. The classification error rate's reaction to a given feature's removal helps confirm that feature's saliency.

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