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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Richard F. Deckro, PhD


In an effort to provide a timely and reasonably accurate methodology for determining C-130 intratheater airlift requirements, this research concentrated on a rough-cut capacity approach using a straight forward linear programming spreadsheet model. To provide more detailed analysis, a more sophisticated linear program was investigated. Specifically, the spreadsheet model calculated the minimum number of C-130s required to carry required cargo, passenger, and aeromedical loads based on user-defined daily requirements. For a given scenario, inputs include the daily requirements and the expected capacity for C-130 aircraft, trucks, and 22-car trains. Included in the capacity inputs are the number of daily cycles or trips expected from a given mode of transportation. The model is automatically formulated based on these inputs and is solved using a spreadsheet solver. Graphical results are provided. This spreadsheet model is analyzed for a 20-day period, but any planning horizon can be used with modifications. Since the spreadsheet does not perform a parametric analysis, the data used in the spreadsheet formulation was input into the LINDO solver in order to perform parametric analyses.

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