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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Engineering Physics

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Paul H. Ostidiek, PhD


Resonant Cavity Light Emitting Diodes (RCLEDs) were irradiated in Ohio State University's nuclear reactor to determine the effects of Neutron displacement damage. The RCLEDs were characterized both before and after irradiation by their current versus voltage curves (I-V curves) and external light power versus current curves (L-I curves). The I-V curves showed an increase in the "knee voltage" at a neutron fluence of 1.45x1017 neutrons/cm2. Logarithmic decreases in external light power and differential quantum efficiency were observed. Significant decreases in external light power were observed at neutron fluences greater than 5.1x1013 neutrons/cm2. Equations were developed to predict the changes in external light power at a given bias current and the differential quantum efficiency for neutron fluences between 1010 neutrons/cm2 to 1018 neutrons/cm2. The damage constants for these equations were derived from the irradiation data. Finally, there was no significant changes in the RCLED output spectral distribution at neutron fluences up to 3x1015 neutrons/cm2.

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