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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Victor M. Bright, PhD


Several micro-opto-electro-mechanical structures were designed using the Multi-User MEMS Process (MUMPS). Specific design techniques were investigated for improving the capabilities of elevating flip up structures. The integration of several flip up microoptical structures into a microoptical system was explored with emphasis on the development of a microinterferometer. The thermal effects on the Modulus of Elasticity were determined by detecting the resonant frequency for a square Flexure Beam Micromirror Device. The resonance of the device was found to match theory to within 0.1 % and the Modulus of Elasticity was found to decrease by 0.041 GPa/K from 290 to 450 K. Thermal testing on each of the polysilicon MUMPS layers yielded a linear increase in resistivity of .000001 to .000002 Ohm-cm/K from 290 to 450 K. Several designs of a surface microoptical structure known as a variable grating were developed and characterized. The device yielded modulation intensities of up to 6.4 and 9.0 dB for the first two diffracted orders, respectively. The devices utilize heat drive actuator(s) to deflect a Poly 2 grating laterally, up to 4 micrometers, over a Poly 1 stationary grating which changes the period dimensions of the composite grating. This device can be effectively used for multichannel optical switching.

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