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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Peter Maybeck, PhD


The Department of Defense (DOD) and the commercial airline industry are in the process of replacing the instrument landing system (ILS) for aircraft precision approach landings. The use of differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) is thought to be a viable replacement for ILS precision approaches. This thesis explores the integration of an INS, DGPS, Barometric Altimeter, Pseudolite, and Radar Altimeter for a tanker type and a single engine aircraft precision approach. These devices are integrated using an extended Kalman filter (EKF). For the tanker type aircraft federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for a Category I and a Category II precision approach were met when an INS, DGPS, Barometric Altimeter, and Radar Altimeter were integrated. Category III precision approach requirements were met for the single engine type aircraft when the same sensors were integrated.

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