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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Jack M. Kloeber, PhD


One of the most frequently cited reasons for the slow and costly progress of Superfund cleanups is the remedial investigation and feasibility study process (RI/FS). After each phase of the RI/FS process there are several possible alternatives that may be chosen. This research developed decision support models to help decision makers choose between the feasible alternatives at five different decision points during site characterization activities. The models make recommendations on how to deal with any particular chemical based on the risk posed by that chemical. The models assume that the value of characterizing the site further is a reduction in the uncertainty associated with the chemical concentrations in the contaminated media and a reduction in the probability of errors occurring during and after remedy selection. The models developed in this research were verified and validated using data from a fully characterized hazardous waste site. The site evaluated was the POL Storage Area in operable unit two at Wright-Patterson AEB, Ohio.

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