Dale M. Fox

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Master of Science


Department of Mathematics and Statistics

First Advisor

David Coulliette, PhD


This research is intended to evaluate the Air Force's Installation Restoration Advisory System Workstation software and documentation. Groundwater modeling is the biggest aid to Air Force Installation Restoration decision makers in making their conclusions about what to do with their hazardous waste sites where the groundwater is contaminated. The Advisory System aids the user in determining if a site poses a potential problem, and if so assists the user in selecting an appropriate groundwater transport model. The decision of what type of model is most suitable is based upon the user's conceptual site model and the decision is made by the model selection algorithm CHOICE, contained within the Advisory System. The research consisted of reviewing the components of the Advisory System separately, reviewing the types of groundwater models available to the System, and testing the CHOICE algorithm by applying it to an Air Force Installation Restoration Program site, located at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. The conclusions of the research are that the System is usable in its present state, once some documentation errors are corrected, that the controlling factor in model selection is the user's own concept of the site, and that further modification of the CHOICE algorithm is required to incorporate all of the models available to the System.

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