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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Martin Stytz, PhD


A major problem encountered by users of distributed virtual environments is the lack of simulators available to populate these environments. This problem is usually remedied by using computer generated entities. Unfortunately, these entities often lack adequate human behavior and are readily identified as non-human. This violates the realism premise of distributed virtual reality and is a major problem, especially in training situations. This thesis addresses the problem by presenting a computer generated entity called the Automated Wingman. The Automated Wingman is a semi-automated computer generated aircraft simulator that operates under the control of a designated lead simulator and integrates distributed virtual environments with intelligence. Access to distributed virtual environments is provided through the DIS protocol suite while human behavior is obtained through the use of a fuzzy expert system and a voice interface. The fuzzy expert system is designed around a hierarchy of knowledgebases. Each of these knowledge bases contains a set of fuzzy logic based linguistic variables that control the actions of the Automated Wingman. The voice interface allows the pilot of the lead simulator to direct the activity of the Automated Wingman. This thesis describes the design of the Automated Wingman and presents the current status of its implementation.

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