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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Mark Kanko, PhD


A visual simulation software architecture is a reusable design for visual simulation applications. This thesis effort was the third stage in an ongoing refinement of such an architecture, named ObjectSim. The primary goals of this stage were to improve the architecture by eliminating its dependence on two platform-specific graphics libraries (named GL and Performer, from Silicon Graphics, Inc.), and to examine the potential for expanding the architecture to accommodate distributed simulations. The effort resulted in a new version of the architecture which allows the development of visual simulation applications which take full advantage of the aforementioned libraries without calling those libraries directly. This capability substantially improves the potential portability of future applications. ObjectSim also has other enhancements not found in its predecessors, but still does not accommodate distributed simulations. Insights into addressing the distributed simulation issue are, however, included in this thesis.

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