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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Glen P. Perram, PhD


Steady state photolysis experiments were conducted to gain information relevant to the construction of a continuous wave electronic to vibrational pumped infrared laser. An Ar+ laser =488 µm) was used to produce the electronically excited state Br(2P1/2) (Br*) via photolysis of molecular bromine. Energy was then transferred to the near resonant vibrational state CO2(101) (CO2) via the collisional quenching of Br* by CO2. The dependence of the 2.71 µm Br* and 4.3 µm CO2 emissions on CO2 pressure was measured, as well as the dependence of the 4.3 µm emission on pump laser chopping frequency. Unexpected results were obtained in both cases, indicating more detailed modeling of kinetic processes is called for. Additionally, an unexplained long term decay in the 4.3 µm signal was observed, which may have bearing on the construction of closed system laser devices. Recommendations are made for further research.

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Plain-text title form: Steady-State Kinetics of Br(2P 1/2) yields CO2(101) Electronic-to-Vibrational Energy Transfer Laser System