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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Rodney D. W. Bowersox, PhD


In this study mean flow and compressible turbulence measurements were taken at a station x = 72W downstream of the injection, where W is the injector throat width, of an adiabatic 2-D Mach 1.6 normal slot injection into a Mach 2.9 flow. Data were collected using a conventional Pitot probe, a cone-static probe, and multiple overheat cross-wire anemometry. In addition, schlieren and shadowgraph flow visualization was used to investigate the flow structure at both the injection point and at the downstream data collection point. From these measurements, mass flux component turbulence intensities of 8% to 10% were seen. The total temperature fluctuation was shown to be 6%, which was higher than expected for this adiabatic case. It was also determined that the incompressible component of the Reynolds shear stress accounted for 75% of the total Reynolds shear stress. Another important observation was that the density fluctuation turbulence intensity peaked near the freestream edge of the mixing layer. The turbulent dissipation of kinetic energy was most likely the cause of this peak.

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