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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Rodney Bowersox, PhD


Turbulence and mean flow measurements were acquired downstream of a normal, supersonic (M=1.6), two-dimensional, slot injection into Mach 3.0 flow (Re/m = 15x106). Two non-adiabatic cases Ti/T = 1.11 and Ti/T = 0.93) were studied. Multiple overheat anemometry and conventional mean flow analysis, as well as shadowgraph and schlieren photography, were utilized to study the turbulent mixing layer. The mean flow data included the Pitot, cone-static, and Mach number profiles. The measured turbulence data included shear stresses, mass flux, total temperature turbulence intensities, and turbulent heat fluxes. The temperature and density variation in the flow provided a better understanding of the mixing process. The turbulence mass flux and shear results highlighted the importance of compressibility within the mixing region. The optical analysis showed the physical phenomena of the flow as well as the associated turbulent structure that existed in the mixing layer.

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