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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Derrick Langley, PhD.


This project focused on radio frequency (RF) metamaterials (MTM) structures using two different methods: wet etching copper (Cu) on insulating glass reinforced epoxy resin (FR4) and silver nano-particle ink printed SRR meta-atoms on photo paper (Ag on paper). Once the MTMs were fabricated, RF properties were measured using a 0-4 GHz stripline and the 2-18 GHz broad antenna near-field test and measurement range two dimensional focus beam system. Through electromagnetic (EM) material property extraction of these RF measurements, the EM properties of the MTM were also shown. Three tests were employed: scattering parameter measurements, near-field testing, and empty PPWG application testing. Results from the RF testing showed that the highest performing MTM was the Ag on paper with FR4 backing. These devices performed closest to analytic modeling and showing resonance within .4% of simulations (2.56 GHz to 2.57 GHz). This sample also displayed the best null at -21 dB, which was 3 dB lower than the Cu on FR4. These results could be used in a number of applications, including RF absorbers or RF cloaking devices. We have successfully shown a fully capable metamaterial testing system including material property extraction.

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