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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Thomas Buter, PhD

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Rodney Bowersox, PhD


A ceiling-mounted semi-cylindrical model containing a single wrap-around fin (WAF) was tested in the AFIT Mach 2.9 test facility. Flow visualization using oil- low streaklines, schlieren images and shadowgraph photography revealed a A-shock at the fin-body juncture and the development of an asymmetric bow-shock about the fin. Quantitative measurements were taken with a 100 cone-static pressure probe, a Pitot pressure probe and two cross-wire hot-film probes (u-v and u-w components, respectively). Measurements were made at cutting-planes from the inlet of the test section to aft of the model, with emphasis placed in the vicinity of the WAF. Results include cutting-plane profiles and contours of mean and turbulent fluctuations of the primitive and conserved flow variables. It was found that the incompressible turbulent fluctuating quantities are equally as descriptive of the flow structure in the fin's vicinity as the compressible turbulence fluctuations. The asymmetric bow-shock was found to be an inviscid phenomenon which was stronger on the concave side than the convex side and of diminishing strength at the tip with no bleeding effects over the tip.

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