Joel J. Hagan

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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

First Advisor

Christopher Hall, PhD


Recent cut-backs in Department of Defense spending have presented a need to augment full-scale ejection seat testing with computer simulation. To this end, the U.S. Air Force's Armstrong Laboratory has developed a data set describing the Advanced Dynamic Anthropomorphic Manikin (ADAM) for use in conjunction with the Articulated Total Body (ATB) model for the purpose of simulating the dynamics of the ADAM during sled track ejections. The purpose of this thesis is to validate the ADAM data set by graphically comparing ADAM joint angular displacements calculated by the ATB model with those measured during ejection seat sled track tests. The tests used for these comparisons are the ADAM/MASE Integration Tests (AMIT) 79E-G2A and 79E-F1. Results of initial comparisons indicate oversimplifications in original joint resistive torque function calculations. These oversimplifications result in excessive joint oscillations as simulated by the ATB model. A certain amount of success in damping these joint oscillations is realized as a result of modifications to these joint resistive torque functions. Overall, the ATB model accurately simulates ADAM motion for the first 400 milliseconds of each simulation. Beyond this time, simulation versus AMIT 79E-Fl test results correlate relatively well. Nonetheless, excessive oscillations in certain joints continue to persist.

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